Marshall POV Cameras Used For Rodeo Broadcast

Mason Goodchild has been working in the sports broadcast world for the past 12 years. He started pulling cable as a teenager, helping his Dad who worked on broadcasts for snow skiing races in his native Lake Louise near Calgary. Post high school, Goodchild enrolled at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) for Broadcast Systems and Technology and worked at a broadcast company soldering circuit boards and building broadcast equipment racks.

Goodchild continues to work as a broadcast technician on professional sports productions, and recently started his own company Morsando Media. Last year he decided to purchase a couple of Marshall HD Mini Cameras and work them into his seasonal broadcast events. He premiered them at the 2018 Calgary Stampede, a rodeo-style annual event, and had this to say about how they worked out:

Mason Goodchild: I chose the Marshall CV502-WPMB model because of its weatherproof build and ruggedness, which was perfect for the unpredictable weather of Calgary and the Canadian Rockies. My camera set up included two CV502-WPs with stock lenses and wide-angle lenses, with magic arm mounts and video to fibre conversion equipment, such as rattlers.


I premiered the cameras at the 2018 Calgary Stampede, covering the rodeo events and chuckwagon races. The cameras themselves worked lovely for the show, even amidst the challenging environment. On the rodeo grounds, the cameras had to sit out in the hot summer sun, and then work through dust storms, drought, and even torrential downpour.


After the rains the dust turned into thick mud, which was then flung around from the passing horses. But the cameras performed beautifully through it all and were reliable for the shots we needed.

Here are some clips of the Marshall Cameras in action:


Mason Goodchild and Morsando Media work on broadcast solutions for pro sporting events, live events, and galas throughout the Calgary region, and in his spare time, Goodchild is an avid mountain skier and rock climber. 

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