Marshall Cameras for sports broadcasts

7 Cool Ways Marshall POV Cameras Are Used
in Live Sports Broadcasts

Marshall’s POV cameras with 3G/HD-SDI outputs combine convenience with quality to bring viewers right up close to the action. Here’s how they are standing out in the sports broadcast arena.

1. Football Goalposts and Pylons

One of the most innovative uses of Marshall POV Cameras comes from Admiral Video and its PylonCam 2.0™. By integrating multiple Marshall CV500-series cameras into end zone pylons, viewers can experience different goal-line POV camera angles.

PylonCam at Super Bowl

PylonCam 2.0™ played a crucial role in the last play of the championship game in 2017, when the running back carried two defenders and stretched past a third to place the ball into the end zone before his knee hit the ground during overtime to win the game. Marshall Cameras were there to capture every detail and gave the referees the angle they needed to make the game-deciding, crucial touchdown decision.

Super Bowl 51 last play with Marshall Camera

Click here to watch the video.

Admiral Video also has affixed Marshal CV500-series cameras to goalposts for HD shots of field goals, extra points, and goal-line plays.


#Admiral Video’s Fiber-Optic #POV System utilizing #Marshall CV500-MB2 #Mini-#Broadcast Camera

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2. Volleyball Net Cams

The Marshall CV500-series has been used in the NCAA for HD net cam shots.

This camera angle brings viewers right to the action.

Marshall also makes a number of custom mounts with clamps and articulating arms built specifically for POV cameras.The Marshall CVM-12-Clamp with CVM 11 arm for Marshall POV Cameras

3. Basketball Backboard and Pole Cams

The PAC-12 Network uses Marshall POV Cameras in the backboard and on the pole behind the backboard, giving viewers uninterrupted real-time views of fast-paced basketball strategy in action.


4. Golf Shots from the Sand Trap and Overlooking Cliffs

The Marshall CV500-series have been used in broadcasts for pro golf to get up-close shots of golfers chipping out of the sand traps, and for b-roll shots of the rocky shores at Pebble Beach. The weatherproof CV502-WPMB/WPM features an IP67-rated weatherproof housing which proved instrumental for this event with on-and-off periods of rain all weekend.


Inertia Unlimited integrates Marshall #POV compact cameras into Chambers Bay. #golf #golfcourse #compactcamera #filmproduction #broadcast

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Mini camera CV500-MB-2 on Pebble Beach Golf Course for a PGA event

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5. Whizz-by Shots from Roadside and In-Car Driver Shots for Car Racing

Inertia Unlimited has buried CV500-series cameras in the ground right up by the curb at the Sonoma Raceway to capture the high-speed race cars at tire-level as they zip by. 


NEP Finland has also integrated Marshall CV200-series Lipstick Cameras into their race car productions, bringing viewers into the cabin to see the driver and navigator live as they zoom through hairpin turns at top speed. The CV200-series Lipstick Cameras are IP67-rated weatherproof for all outdoor applications.

6. Boxing Ringside, Ref, and Cornerman Cams and MMA Weigh-Ins and Cage Cams

Aqueti was one of the first integrators to use Marshall POV cameras for boxing. The Marshall CV200-series Lipstick Cameras were mounted to the sides of eyeglass frames to give viewers at home first-person perspectives that show the up-close drama of a live prizefight.

Marshall CV500-series have also been used cage-side for MMA events, and ringside for live boxing.


Marshall CV500-MB2 mini camera is used at #HBO and #Showtime #Boxing events.

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For the match that catapulted Conor McGregor to the world stage, Inertia Unlimited used CV502s to capture the crowd’s reactions to the pre-fight weigh-ins and get closeup shots of the fighters as they stepped on the scales.

7. Pier-side Shots of the U.S. Open of Surfing

There were at least a dozen Marshall Pro-Series Cameras in action during the 2015 U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Calif., capturing POV shots from the pier, railings, tents, and skate-park.


Marshall compact #pov camera capturing US Open pro-serfing event at #huntingtonbeachpier #POV #compactcamera #gopro #usopenofsurfing

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The compact and lightweight nature of Marshall CV500-series Cameras makes them great for attaching to the end of poles or cables where larger and heavier cameras would simply be too heavy for the application.

For over 30 years, Marshall Electronics has supplied the broadcast video industry with award-winning and revolutionary products that have helped shape the broadcast market it is today. A strong dedication to providing only the most reliable, highest-quality products without sacrificing value is the foundation upon which all divisions of Marshall Electronics continue to operate today.

The Marshall Broadcast product line has grown to meet the demands of professionals working in broadcast, film, news, and multimedia production worldwide. To view the Marshall Broadcast Catalog, please click here.