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The Marshall CV366 camera delivers exceptional full-HD video with true-color and offers the unique ability to sync cameras via Tri-Level (Genlock) Sync. The Tri-Level Sync method runs at higher frequency which makes transition faster and more seamless.


Compact Genlock Camera

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The Marshall Compact CV366 Genlock Camera is built around a next generation Sony 1/2.8" solid-state sensor with 2.2 Megapixels and Tri-Level (Genlock) Sync feature. CV366 delivers exceptional video performance through 3GSDI and HDMI simultaneously with true-color even in low-light (0.01Lux). Choose HD resolutions up to 1920x1080p (progressive), 1280x720p (progressive) & 1920x1080i (interlaced) with a wide selection of framerates including 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, and 60fps serving a variety of applications.

CV366 has New Sony 1/2.8 inch (6.46mm) CMOS Solid-Sate Image Sensors

New Sony 1/2.8" (6.46mm) CMOS Solid-Sate Image Sensors

The next generation Sony Exmor sensors provide clear HD images with true color even in low-light (0.01Lux) and ability to switch to night mode (0.005Lux) where IR light wavelengths can be captured.

CV366 Genlock Tri-level Sync

Genlock Tri-Level Sync Feature

Tri-level sync runs at higher frequency which allows multiple cameras to be plugged into HD workflows already in sync (genlock) with much less latency when switched and more seamless transitions.

CV366 is a Durable, Flexible, and Powerful

Durable, Flexible, Powerful

The durable CV300-series cameras are chiseled from one block of aluminum alloy with rear panel protection, which enable them to be used in rough environments and continue to produce clean reliable signals.

CV366 Broadcast Performance

Broadcast Performance

Marshall Camera Division continues to develop camera products to follow the heritage of Marshall broadcast quality incorporating reliability, durability, flexibility and most importantly affordability with feature sets that matter.

  • 2.2 Megapixel (1/2.8") 16:9 HD
  • Durable Body with CS/C lens mount (lens sold separately)
  • 3GSDI (SMPTE 292M & 424M) + HDMI simultaneous outputs
  • Tri-Level Genlock Sync for faster more seamless switching via 3GSDI
  • Full-HD Resolutions: 1920x1080p, 1280x720p and 1920x1080i
  • Framerates Supported: 60, 59.94, 50, 30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.98fps
  • Remote adjust & match via Camera Control Software, CV-RCP-V2 (CCU) or 3rd party sources
  • Micro-USB port for firmware upgrades in the field (downloadable from website)
  • Locking Hirose Cable: Genlock (I/O), RS485 control, Audio (stereo) and 12V Power
  • Power Draw: 6W (12V) with wide 7~15V range for alternative power sources


The 366 is suitable for use in 3GSDI as well as HDMI workflows where image quality and versatility are of utmost concern, including live broadcast productions, courtroom capture, corporate video, government assembly, sportscast, newscast, reality television, eSports, concerts, house of worship and many more.

Lens Options

CS mount Varifocal Manual Focus Lens options for CV344, CV346, CV366, CV366
  Part No. Mount Type Megapixel Rating Focal Length Horizontal AOV Iris F-Stop M.O.D.
CS mount 3MP Varifocal Lens VS-M288-A CS Mount 3MP 2.8~8mm 112°~38° DC Auto (4 pin) F1.3 - T360 0.3m
CS mount 3MP Varifocal Manual Focus Lens from FUJINON
VS-M288-M-IRIS CS Mount 3MP 2.8~8mm 110°~30° Manual Control F1.2~close 0.3m
 VS-M2812-2 Varifocal CS Mount Lens VS-M2812-2 CS Mount 3MP 2.8~12mm 98°~25° DC Auto
(4 pin)
F1.4 0.3m
VS-M419-6MP 6MP Varifocal CS Mount Lens VS-M419-6MP CS Mount 6MP 4.1~9mm 72°~33° (1/3"),
97°~44° (1/2")
DC Auto
(4 pin)
F1.6 - T360 0.3m
VS-M550-4, 5-50mm CS-Mount F1.6 IR-Corrected DC Auto-Iris Varifocal Lens VS-M550-4 CS Mount 3MP 5~50mm 56°~6° DC Auto
(4 pin)
F1.4 0.3m
CS mount 3MP Varifocal Manual Focus Lens from FUJINON VS-M880-A C Mount 3MP 8~80mm 38°~3° (1/3")
50°~5° (1/2")
DC Auto
(4 pin)
F1.4 1.5m
CS1150-8MP 8MP CS mount focal length Iris F-stop focus range CS1150-8MP CS Mount 8MP 11~50mm 45°~10°approx DC Auto (4 pin) F1.4~close 0.8m
CS mount 3MP Varifocal Manual Focus Lens from FUJINON VS-M1550-A CS Mount 3MP 15~50mm 20°~6° DC Auto
(4 pin)
F1.5 0.8m
C1670-8MP 8MP CS mount focal length Iris F-stop focus range C1670-8MP C Mount 8MP 16~70mm 30°~7°approx DC Auto (4 pin) F1.4~close 0.8m

Fixed Prime (CS mount) Lens options for CV344, CV343, CV346, CV345, CV365, CV366, CV366
  Part No. Megapixel Rating Focal Length Horizontal AOV F-Stop M.O.D.
Fixed Prime CS mount lens CS-2.8-10MP (manual iris) 10MP 2.8mm 115° (1/3"), 160° (1/1.8") F1.6 0.3m - ∞
Fixed Prime CS mount lens V-553.9-5MP-VIS-IR 1/2 5MP 3.9mm 80° (1/3"), 96° (1/2.5"), 125° (1/1.7") F2.0 0.3m - ∞
Fixed Prime CS mount lens V-555.0-5MP-VIS-IR 1/2 5MP 5.0mm 63° (1/3"), 75.5° (1/2.5"), 98° (1/1.7") F2.0 0.8m - ∞
Fixed Prime CS mount lens V-557.6-5MP-VIS-IR 1/2 5MP 7.6mm 40.4° (1/3"), 48° (1/2.5"), 60° (1/1.7") F2.0 1.5m - ∞

Touchscreen RCP Camera Control


Touchscreen RCP Camera Control
Remote adjust & match cameras via RS485

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Mini Camera Stands and Mounts accessories

1/4"-20 Mounts

1/4"-20 Compact Camera Stands & Mounts,
Clamps, Articulating arms and more...

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Compact Weatherproof Camera Housing with Fan and Heater


Compact Weatherproof Camera Housing with Fan & Heater

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Touchscreen RCP Camera Control


USB to RS485/422 Adapter for use with Marshall Windows Camera Control Software.

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CV-PT-HEAD Micro Pan and Tilt Head


Micro Pan/Tilt Head

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