RMA Request

RMA Request

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Policy, Procedure, and Questionnaire

Thank you for your purchase of genuine Marshall Electronics, Inc., products. If you require technical support for setup and operation, please contact Marshall technical support at support@marshall-usa.com, or call toll free: (800) 800-6608.

Once you have received your Marshall product, please take a moment to inspect the unit and report any defects within thirty (30) days from the shipment date. If for some reason it doesn’t operate out of the box or within thirty (30) days you can apply for advanced replacement. If your Marshall product no longer functions or some reason doesn’t operate as expected and you would like to return it to us for repair, here are our guidelines, as well as a questionnaire to fill out in order to help fix your product and return it to you in a timely manner.

Our standard warranty covers first consumer of record and states that our product will, under normal use, be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one, two or three years from the purchase date specific to product model. This warranty is extended to the first consumer only, and proof-of-purchase and/or serial number is necessary to start the warranty process. If there is no proof-of-purchase and/or serial number provided with a warranty claim, Marshall reserves the right not to honor the warranty set forth above. Therefore, labor and parts would be charged to the consumer. To get detailed warranty information on Marshall products, CLICK HERE.

RMA procedure process

1. To return products, you will need an RMA form and approved RMA number. Please contact us via email or telephone to discuss the problem with our authorized personnel. Some problems can be corrected over the phone without the need for returning the unit to us.

2. Please fill out the RMA request and questionnaire forms to the best of your knowledge.

3. The form is then forwarded to us via the email address that is indicated on the form. You thereby confirm that the content of the form is correct to the best of your knowledge.

4. You will receive the corresponding RMA number within two working days.
Please note: Processing may be delayed if the information given on the RMA form is incomplete or needs further verification.

5. Please print out the RMA documents and enclose them with the proof of purchase that arrived with the shipment.

6. Please send the product to Marshall Electronics Inc. within five business days, of receiving your Return Authorization (RMA) number.

7. The RMA number allocated is only valid for this shipment.

Please note that delays may occur in processing goods that are returned to us without an RMA number and we reserve the right to send the goods back to you unprocessed.

RMA conditions

1. When returning goods for credit, the return shipment must be sent in original packaging that is undamaged, must carry no adhesive labels, and all accessories must be included with the package.

2. All returns are to be shipped to us at the customer's expense. Be sure to package the unit properly for shipment. We prefer that you use the original shipping container that the unit was shipped in. Be sure to double box and preserve any original packaging. We are not responsible for any damage incurred due to improper packaging. This includes both electrical and mechanical damage.

RMA receiving & evaluation

1. If the product returned for credit does not meet the above mentioned condition, restocking fees will be charged.

2. Damage in transport must be reported to the carrier immediately.

3. Repair/testing costs, repackaging and accessories will be invoiced separately.

4. Evaluation cost is $120.00 for an out of warranty product. Evaluation cost for out of warranty microphones is $25.00. This will then be invoiced together with the repair.

5. Once we receive your RMA unit, we will perform an evaluation of the damage or problem. It's important that you provide us with contact information in the event we need to discuss the problem with your engineer or technician.

6. Once our evaluation has been completed, we will provide a detailed estimate of any charges for non-warranty repairs. Within forty-five (45) business days, the customer must either accept the quote or provide instructions on what is to be done with the product (i.e., return back to the customer or recycle).

7. For warranty repairs, we will repair or replace the unit at our discretion. A replacement unit may be a reconditioned unit that we have fully tested and qualified to be compatible with the defective unit.

8. If any charges are due for the repair, we require prepayment via a purchase order (for net 30 customers) or payment in advance. For warranty returns, the warranty will remain in place for the duration of the original unit's warranty.

9. For warranty items that are deemed as no problem found (NPF), we reserve the right to charge a $115.00 evaluation fee, $25 microphone evaluation fee. This fee is payable in advance before we return the unit. For NPF units, the customer is responsible for all return shipping charges.

Advanced Exchange

Marshall Electronics Inc. offers Advanced Replacement to first consumer of record during the first 30 days of the warranty term period. To qualify for Advanced Replacement, product must be purchased directly from Marshall Electronics. Contact our Order Entry Department with your Purchase Order if you wish to proceed with the advanced replacement.

1. If for some reason product does not operate properly out of the box, a replacement unit may be shipped to you by Marshall Electronics, Inc. within a week of receipt of goods.

2. Following verification and RMA# process, please ship back the defective product with the proper RMA # within thirty (30) days.

3. We will temporarily debit a credit card for the cost of the product.

4. The charge will be lifted once the defective product is received..

5. If the product(s) received is under warranty, we will credit the customer credit card.

6. If the defective product is out of warranty, the charge to credit card will remain.

Returns and Restocking Fee Policy

If product is returned and found not to be defective, or is shipped by some other error not found to be caused by Marshall Electronics, Inc., Marshall may charge a restocking fee.

1. 1 - 30 days from date of purchase: No restocking fee if the product is returned in unused condition in its original packaging.

2. 31 - 90 days from date of purchase: 15% restocking fee if the product is returned in unused condition in its original packaging.

3. No product will be accepted for return after 90 days unless approved by MEI Director of Operations and Administration.

When returning products, contact your Marshall Electronics, Inc. representative to obtain an RMA# for item(s) being returned. The RMA# is to be listed on all packing slips and shipping labels and not to be reused as it is unique to each return. Please keep your RMA# on file for reference and tracking purposes.
DO NOT RETURN ANY PRODUCT TO MARSHALL ELECTRONICS WITHOUT AN RMA#. Any item received with no reference to an RMA# cannot be received, or tracked successfully.

RMA Request

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