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4K HDMI portable pattern generator. Generates 32 video test patterns in formats from SD to HD to 4K. Calibrate, test and troubleshoot video display devices such as HDTVs, projectors, LCD (liquid crystal display) screens and CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors for the ideal viewing experience.


4K HDMI portable signal generator

Software & Drivers Owner's Manual (PDF) Download Images
HDMI compact portable signal generator HDMI compact portablepattern generator displaying test patterns
4.3-inch High Resolution LCD Rack Mount Monitor with Modular Inputs
  • Generates 32 video test patterns in formats from SD to HD to 4K.
    Includes computer formats / timings
  • Generates audio tones from two to 8 channels, 16 to 24-bits, 32-192KHz sample rates
  • Audio jack allows insertion of audio from external source (two channels)
  • Detailed adjustment of timing parameters (perfect for designers / QC test)
  • Check HDCP compliance
  • Extract and save and recall EDID information
  • Simple quick access front panel controls
  • Deep control available via USB or RS-232 interface
  • Daisy-chain multiple units to create complex test systems
  • Power from 5-volt power supply or run from any USB power source

    Package Contents

  • Main unit: V-SG4K-HDI
  • 5VDC 1A Power Supply
  • Mounting ears (x2)
  • 1.2m USB A-to-A cable (x1)
  • Phoenix plug (x2)
  • Disk with Control Application
  • Manual

Unprecedented Value in Digital Video Systems Support

The V-SG4K-HDI is a compact, portable, and economical digital test generator that's a perfect choice for video engineers, system integrators/installers, shooters and product designers. It is feature-rich and easy to use. This unit is capable of generating nearly any combination of display resolutions, sampling and frame rates in the digital spectrum, along with an amazing array of audio combinations.

Equipped with complete EDID interface software, the V-SG4K-HDI quickly resolves problematic interconnection issues and is capable of emulating any device to which it is connected. The V-SG4K-HDI comes complete with a Windows® compatible computer application that provides the option of rapid remote control operations and operates equally well with the on-board push button panel.

3G Interface

HDSDI is easily facilitated using converter.

Power Options

The V-SG4K-HDI can also be powered from any USB related device, including mobile phone chargers.

Marshall's test generator allows easy field calibration, testing and maintenance of many applications such as: production line quality assessment; studio equipment for both installers and users; television sets by TV engineers or technicians; digital signage configurations with extenders, switches, splitters or video wall processors; and discerning home theater users. Using the corresponding video cable needed, simply connect the video test pattern generator to the supported display unit to run the test patterns on the screen. No other video source, such as a computer, DVD player or set-top box is needed for the testing process.


Available Test Patterns

EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) Page

V-SG4K-HDI specifications
Product HDMI 2.0 compatible signal generator
HDMI Version HDMI2.0 / DVI
HDCP on/off Yes
Video Bandwidth Up to 9.0GHz (3.0GHz per channel)
Color Depth 24bits, 30bits, 36 bits, 48bits
Preset Video Formats 32 presets including: 4K (30/29),4K(25),4K(24), 4K(50), 4K(60/59),720P-3D,1080P-3D plus fixed timing and AUTO detect mode
User Defined Timing Up to 10 User presets
Test Patterns 34 (33 2D and one 3D pattern)
Color Sampling RGB444, YUV444, YUV422, YUV420 (HDMI2.0 only)
Audio Bit Depths 26, 24, 20-bits
Audio Sample Rates 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176, 192KHz
Vertical Frequency Range Supports frame rates up to 120 Hz
Power Consumption 2 Watts (max)@5 volts
Housing Metal
Dimension W/H/D 3.25" x 1.25" x 3.8" (83mm x 32mm x 97mm)
Weight 0.6lbs (280 gm)

Color Bars and How To Use 'em

by Hal Landen / VideoUniversity.com

Color Bars and How To Use them

Color bars are an artificial electronic signal generated by the camera or by post production equipment. They are recorded at the head of a videotape to provide a consistent reference in post production. They are also used for matching the output of two cameras in a multi-camera shoot and to set up a video monitor.

Before we proceed, you should know that computer monitors are quite different from video monitors and TV sets. You are seeing this on a computer monitor so you will not have the same kind of controls or images as on a video monitor. In fact, if you create graphics on a computer monitor, it's very easy to be fooled into thinking you have a great looking graphic for your video. But the only real test is when you see that image on a properly adjust video monitor.

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