Marshall Electronics Broadcast Multimedia Division description and specifications for PS-11 high definition video server with H.264 encoder that allows real-time transmission of standard definition video signal along with bi-directional AAC encoded high definition stereo audio over standard IP networks.


H.264 Encoder

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H.264 Encoder / Decoder

  • A/V Encoder/Decoder
  • Up to 30fps / 25 fps @ Full D1 Resolution
  • H.264 & H.264/MJPEG Dual Streaming
  • Encoder / Producer Station
  • Composite Video Input
  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet): 802.3af
  • Audio Input
  • Automatic Control Off Video Bit Rate (32Kbps ~ 10Mbps)
*required for applications not utililizing PoE

With few easy steps you can become a producer:
  • Purchase one of the automatic Producer Station:
    • a)  Standard Definition PS-11 (composite input) - $399.00
    • b)  High Definition PS-102-HDI (HDMI input) - $999.00
    • c)  High Definition PS-102-HDSDI (HDSDI input) - $1,999.00
  • Sign up as a Producer at www.StreamVu.com
  • Connect your Producer Station to Internet and Video and Audio to Producer Station and start streaming LIVE.

The Producer Station is a self contained appliance that accepts the audio & video feeds of the event to broadcast and processes the feed to IP for transport to the StreamVu TV server via a high speed broadband / Internet connection. The Producer Station contains all hardware, software, audio & video processing and encoding needed for live streaming.

Each event is scheduled and setup by the Producer via the Producer Portal prior to arriving at the event location. The Producer Station receives its command & control information via the Internet upon connection at the event location. The Producer Station automatically locates the StreamVu TV sever upon connection to the Internet and power-up, performs a series of discovery tests & analyses, establishes the communication link to the server, and readies the initiation of the broadcast. A simple click of a mouse via the Producer Portal is all that is needed to enable the beginning of the broadcast. Likewise, a simple click of a mouse via the Producer Portal is all that is needed to terminate the broadcast.

Streaming Live diagram This process is typically performed after-hours and can be accomplished over any Internet connection at any speed. Upon connection to the Internet, the Producer Station will locate the StreamVu TV server, establish the link, exchange pertinent data with the server, and the server will retrieve the event file. The event will be placed in the appropriate sections of the Producer's on-line inventory of events and will be available via the Viewer portal for view and downloads as permissioned by the Producer. Upon successful transmission of the event file to the StreamVu TV server, the system performs house cleaning on the Producer Station and readies it for its next event to broadcast.

Section Specifications
System System Mode Encoder
Network Network Interface Ethernet 10/100Base-T (RJ-45)
Network Protocol TCP/IP, UDP, Multicast, DHCP, SMTP, HTTP, SNMP, RTP, RTSP
Video Standards H.264 compression algorithm
Bitrate 32 ~ 10,240 Kbps
Resolution NTSC : 720x480, 720x240, 352x480, 352x240
PAL : 720x576, 720x288, 352x576, 352x288
Max Frame Rate NTSC: Max 30fps / PAL: Max 25fps
Frame Rate Range NTSC: 0.2 ~ 30fps / PAL: 0.2 ~ 25fps
Input 1 Composite (1 Vpp 75 Ohm, BNC)
Output 1 N/A
Motion Detection N/A
Standards G.711, AAC
Sample Rate G.711: 8kHz / AAC: 32kHz
Data Rate G.711: 64Kbps / AAC: 64Kbps, 128Kbps
Input N/A
Output N/A
Serial Port 1 N/A
Port 2 N/A
Data Rate N/A
Sensor Input N/A
Alarm Output N/A
Beep N/A
Reset Button 1 x Factory Reset Button
User Interface System Status 4 x LED
Storage Recording/Backup Disable
Software VS Manager / VMS-16 NVR N/A
Dimensions 134(W) X 125(D) X 35(H)mm
Weight 464g
Power DC 12V/0.5A, PoE(Power over Ethernet): 802.3af
Power Consumption Max 7.2W
Operating Temp. -10° C ~ 50°C / 14°F ~ 122°F


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