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Marshall's OR-70-3D is a 24-inch 1920 x 1200 LCD monitor designed for professional Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) applications. This monitor is only 2-1/4 inches (57mm) deep and uses advanced engineering to deliver natural, flicker-free 3D images by utilizing a circular polarizing filter method when used with battery-free (passive) glasses. The circular polarizing system used employs a 3D Arisawa Xpol® optical filter applied to the surface of the display. The OR-70-3D also has 4 HD-SDI inputs which provide the ability to monitor two S3D (right eye / left eye) HD-SDI signals. By using circular polarized glasses, the user can simultaneously view multiple 3D monitors in a production or controlroom environment. This monitor also supports IMD (In-Monitor Display) and Tally functions through RS-422/RS-485 connections.


Fully-Featured 7" ORCHID Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Camera-Top / Field Monitor

Owner's Manual Spec Sheet ORCHID Firmware Update
  • High Resolution (1600 x 600)
  • Multi-Format Support
  • Dual Real-Time Waveform Monitor
  • Dual Real-Time Color Vectorscope
  • Dual Real-Time Image Processing Analysis*
  • Tally System
  • 3G-SDI Input with Loop-Through
  • ClipGuide
  • Time Code (VITC/LTC)
  • Red/Blue/Green/Mono Channel
  • Precision White Balance
  • Precision Gamma
  • Gamma Fine Tune
  • Aspect Setting
  • Various Markers
  • Scan Setting
  • Detachable Protective Screen
  • Includes Desktop Stand
  • Optional External Remote Control
  • Optional External Tally

Marshall's OR-70-3D is the world's first portable 7-inch 3D production monitor with innovative "glasses free" autostereoscopic technology. This lightweight 3D monitor does not require passive or active glasses and can be used as a camera viewfinder or portable 3D production display. With parallax barrier and lenticular hybrid technology, the OR-70-3D provides superior 3D images with 1600 x 600 screen resolution. For precision 3D calibration, the OR-70-3D provides dual waveform and vectorscope, along with various 3D analysis features such as checkbox, difference, blending, compare, and more. Integrated mux and independent loop-through eliminate the requirement of an additional external converter. Delay compensated horizontal mirror flip supports both channels respectively. Like most portable Marshall monitors, this unit also supports large battery adapters.

Cameras must be Genlocked for live 3D monitoring.

3D converter schematics

Dual Waveform and Vectorscope

Dual Waveform and Vectorscope

Dual Vectorscope with Compare Box graph

Dual Vectorscope with Compare Box graph

Dual Vectorscope and Superimposed Waveform with Compare Box graph

Dual Vectorscope and Superimposed Waveform

Dual Waveform with Compare Box graph

Dual Waveform with Compare Box graph

Compare Box
Compare Box
New innovative feature for 3D calibration. Compares specific region of both channels with easy-to-read graphs for Y, R, G, B with numeric display. Compare Box is a "must-have" feature for precision 3D camera alignment.

Emboss (Alpha-Channel View)
Emboss (Alpha-Channel View)
Full Frame Embossed or Luminance Difference View shows the difference between Left Eye and Right Eye.

Checkbox (Checkerboard)
Checkbox (Checkerboard)
Provides quilted layout of both left and right channels for depth check, channel difference, and more. The size of the box can be adjusted using the front panel rotary encoder.

H Marker
H Marker
New horizontal marker provides a ruler for 3D depth control. The position and space between lines are adjustable using the front panel rotary encoder.

Optional Accessories


OR-70-3D control

Remote Control for the OR-70-3D


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OR-70-3D specifications
Panel Number of Panels 1
Panel Size 7.2" (Diagonal Wide)
Resolution 1600 x 600
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Type LCD Panel
Brightness 320 cd/m²
Contrast 600:1
Color Gamut YUV, RGB
Viewing Angles (CR>=10) 80° + 80° (H) 60° + 80°
Backlight type LED
Features Video Formats 1080p/1080i/720p
Loss of Input Curtain Yes
Color Temperature D65,93
Time Code (VITC/LTC) Yes
Waveform Yes
Vectorscope Yes
Self-Sensing Yes
Re-clocked/Re-Shaped Yes
Input Connectors SD-SDI Yes
Output Connectors SD-SDI Yes
Input Status Display Yes
Control Inputs Tally / GPI Tally
Controls on front Panel Yes
User-Defined Function Buttons Yes
Pivot Angle Yes
Desk Top Stand Yes
Power Voltage 6 - 18VDC
Consumption 24W (12V, 2A)
Power Switch Yes
Connector 4-Pin XLR Connector
Compliance Compliance CE approved
Environmental Operating Temperature (C°) 0° C to 40° C
Storage Temperature (C°) 10 C to 40° C
Unit dimensions 7.4" x 6.3" x 1.65"
Weight (Main Body) 2.87 lbs
Available Battery Adapter Configurations "AB" - (Anton/Bauer), "VM" - (V-Mount)

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* Pricing, specification and features are subject to change


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