The V-R82SB-AFHD is a dual screen high definition 8.4" LCD monitor set featuring our completely digital TFTMegaPixel™ active matrix LCD platform designed specifically for outdoor applications or high levels of ambient light. Utilizing 8.4-inch panels with 2.4 million pixels each, the V-R82SB-AFHD provides the highest pixel density available while occupying only 4RU. Our proprietary digital signal processing features 10-bit A/D conversion of all analog signals, with 4X over-sampling and 5-line super-adaptive 2D comb filtering of composite signals. Emulation of SMPTEC/ EBU color and adjustable color temperature enable the most precise color representation possible. De-interlacing is performed using our HyperProcess algorithm with motion adaptive interpolation. Multi-format compatibility accommodates virtually all video formats including NTSC/PAL, 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i/p standards. VGA and DVI inputs accept VESA standards allowing the display to be used as a computer monitor. Advanced features include aspect ratio settings, a variety of screen markers, underscan mode, blue-only mode, monochrome mode, H/V delay, and Pixel-to-Pixel mode.


Dual 8.4" Rack Mount Outdoor HD/SD monitor set with advanced features

Owner's Manual (PDF)

Designed specifically for outdoor applications and challenging viewing environments.
Proprietary technology boosts the efficiency of the backlight's light utilization while minimizing the surface reflection of ambient light.

  • High Luminance Backlight
  • Low Reflective Properties
  • Wider color reproduction for richer colors
  • Crisper, sharper images (textual / graphical information)
  • Outstanding Front-of-Screen Performance
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Extended Temperature Rating
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Dual High Definition 8.4-inch TFT-MegaPixel screens with 800 x 600 resolution
  • Over 16.7 million colors
  • 650 candelas per square meter (cd/m) luminance produces enhanced image quality in varying light and viewing conditions
  • 600:1 ratio of contrast
  • Pixel-to-Pixel native resolution scaling
  • Blue Gun for color adjustment
  • Zoom function
  • Direct access for all adjustments
  • Works with all SMPTE/ITU analog and serial digital production formats and frame rates
  • Easy-to-see three color tally indicators
  • Built-in Color Bars
  • Adjustment Settings Memory
  • Calibrated Color Temperature and Gamma
  • Durable Metal Enclosure

Standard Multi-format inputs:

  • SDI (ITU-R BT601 format)
  • Component Analog HD/SD
  • Composite Video NTSC/PAL
  • S-Video (Y/C)
  • DVI-I (all formats)
  • SXGA (1280 x 1024) Computer Input (HD-15)

Occupying only 4 rack units of a standard 19" EIA equipment rack, the V-R82SB-AFHD represents leading edge technology in LCD imaging for broadcast and professional video applications. Two high resolution Outdoor screens with completely digital signal processing provide image reproduction that exceeds all CRT displays available in a similar form factor. All SMPTE/ITU video standards and signal types are accepted and displayed on each screen of this model. Analog signals are digitized using an advanced 10-bit process on each signal path with 4x oversampling and adaptive 5-line comb filter with exacting color space conversion.

All video formats are scaled to fit onscreen in the highest resolution using a state-of-the-art LSI that incorporates 4x4 pixel interpolations with precision Gamma correction to produce the best images available. Additional features include setup memory, Zoom function, 6 Frame Marker Overlays, Blue Gun, and direct access for all adjustment and selection functions.

Super Transflective Outdoor Monitors

Super Transflective Outdoor Monitors

Marshall Electronics offers a full line of Super Transflective Outdoor Monitors, designed specifically for outdoor applications with high ambient light. Our technology minimizes surface reflection of both outdoor and indoor light, while featuring a much wider color reproduction range than typical transflective/reflective LCDs or even those with increased backlight performance.

These outdoor super-transmissive LCDs provide improved visibility by producing high-contrast images and a wider viewing angle, even under diverse and challenging lighting environments! This innovative technology dramatically boosts the efficiency of the LCD backlight's light utilization, while maintaining extended temperature ratings and low power consumption for outdoor operation.

V-R82SB-AFHD specifications
Number of Screens (2) with Anti-glare surface treatment
Display (Viewing Area) 8.4-Inch diagonal (170.4mm W x 127.8mm H)
Resolution (RGB Dots) 800 H x RGB x 600 V (16.7 Million colors)
Viewing Angles 160° H x 140° V
Dot Pitch 0.071mm (H) x 0.213mm (V)
Contrast Ratio 600:1
Brightness (in cd/m²) 650
Dimensions 18.92" W x 7" H x 2.02" D
Weight 6.7 lbs
System NTSC/PAL auto recognition for standard definition signals
Power Consumption 3.5A @ 12VDC (42 W)
  • Studio Monitor Wall
  • Remote/OB Van
  • Fly Packs
  • Camera Shading


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