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The Marshall CV420-30X-IP (CV42030XIP) 30X Zoom IP Camera captures stunning 4K (UHD) and HD video up to 3840x2160p, with a 30X optical zoom block for enhanced versatility and performance. The CV420-30X-IP can be remotely controlled and adjusted via RS-232 or IP networked control offering the convenience of one Ethernet cable to camera for video, control, and PoE power.

Marshall CV420-30X-IP

4K60 30x IP (HEVC) & HDMI

Download Manual Cut Sheet Quick IP Camera Setup Facebook Live Setup Quick Installation Guide 30X IP Zoom Cameras Comparison RS232 to CAT Cable Connectors RS232 Command List Download Latest Firmware Video Management Software OBS Studio Plugin & Dock Instructions OBS Studio Plugin & Dock (MAC) OBS Studio Plugin & Dock (Windows-PC) Download Images
The CV420-30X-IP 30X optical zoom IP (HEVC/SRT) camera utilizes a professional grade 8.5-megapixel sensor to capture crisp UHD video up to 3840x2160p at 60fps with support for all HD formats. Marshall's straight forward design and ease of use make this camera a valuable tool in a wide variety of broadcast and professional A/V applications.

CV355-10X delivers crystal-clear HD images up to 1920x1080p with all usable framerates on one model

30X Optical Zoom

The 30X optical zoom block offers an extensive zoom range from 4.6mm to 135mm starting at 68° all the way out to 3° horizontal angle-of-view for maintaining image crispness from ultra-wide to long telephoto shots.

CV630-IP is a versatile camera with a 30x optical zoom

IP (HEVC/SRT) Workflow

SRT stands for Secure Reliable Transport. SRT is an open-source video transport protocol and technology stack that optimizes video streaming performance across unpredictable networks. With secure streams and simplified firewall traversal, SRT delivers the best quality video over the worst networks.

CV420-18X featuring a wide range of 4K, UHD and HD selections in 4096x2160p, 3840x2160p, 1920x1080p, 1280x720p progressive and 1920x1080i interlaced

Low-light Sensitivity

The CV420-30X-IP operates with exceptional low-light sensitivity, ensuring a clear picture in variable and challenging lighting conditions, including live events, houses of worship, indoor or outdoor sporting events, and other dynamic lighting environments.

VS-PTC-IP is a PTZ camera controller for CV630-IP camera

IP (HEVC) Convenience

One cable to camera provides up to UHD video, audio, control, and power (PoE) over one cable with IP (HEVC) and HDMI simultaneous outputs with stereo audio embedding.

  • 8 Megapixel (1/2.5") HD sensor
  • 30X Optical Zoom (4.6~135mm) - 68° AOV
  • Up to 3840x2160p, 1920x1080p and 1280x720p
  • Frame rates: 59.94/50/29.97/25fps
  • IP (HEVC/SRT) and HDMI simultaneous outputs
  • Ethernet I/O supports video, control, audio and PoE over a single cable
  • RS232 and 3.5mm audio input with passthrough

CV420-30X-IP Applications:

The CV420-30X-IP is suitable for use in networked HD and 4K (UHD) workflows where image quality and versatility are of utmost concern, including live broadcast productions, courtroom capture, corporate video, government assembly, sportscast, newscast, reality television, concerts, house of worship and many more.

PTZ IP Camera Controller


PTZ IP/RS232/RS422 Controller
Full featured controller for CV355-30X, CV420-30X, CV605, CV610, CV612, CV620, CV630, CV730 cameras. Read more
PTZ Keyboard Controller Preferred Controller for CV620 PTZ Cameras


PTZ Keyboard Controller.
Compatible with CV355-30X, CV420-30X, CV605, CV610, CV612, CV620, CV630, CV730 cameras.
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Compact Weatherproof Camera Housing with Fan and Heater


Compact Weatherproof Camera Housing with Fan & Heater

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Mini Camera Stands and Mounts accessories

1/4"-20 Mounts

1/4"-20 Compact Camera Stands & Mounts,
Clamps, Articulating arms and more...

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CAT 5 Ethernet Cable Extender Connection Cables


Controller Cable Connector RS232 to Cat (RJ45) - VS-PTC-200 (only)


Camera Cable Connector RS232 to Cat5/6 (RJ45) - Camera Side
RS7-HR - RS232 / RS422 Home Run (1 to 7) Extender


RS232 / RS422 Home Run (1 to 7) Extender

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Netgear Swithchers
NETGEAR M4250 Managed AV Switches
GSM-4212-PX: NETGEAR 8x1G PoE+ 240W 2x1G and 2xSFP+ IP Switch

GSM-4212-UX: NETGEAR 8x1G Utra90 PoE++ 802.3bt 720W 2x1G and 2xSFP+ IP Switch

GSM-4230-UP: NETGEAR 24x1G Ultra90 PoE++ 802.3bt 1,440W 2x1G and 4xSFP IP Switch

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